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Five reasons why you should switch your home light bulbs to CFLs today.

1. The Bulbs are less expensive. If you compare the lifespan of the bulbs on the package, an incandescent bulb will only work for 750 hours, while a CFL has a rated life of 6,000 - 10,000 hours. If an average incandescent costs $1.00/ea, while a CFL costs $2.93/ea (see model #2426-3vp), comparing the two, CFLs cost only $2.93/6000hrs while incandescent costs $6.00/6000hrs.

2. Energy costs for CFLs are cheaper. The CFL uses 20 watts; the incandescent bulb uses 75 watts. That’s a difference of 55 watts per hour of usage in favor of the CFL. Often CFLs can save you over $50 in electricity over the life of the bulb.

3. Fewer replacements. Have you ever wondered how much it time and money it costs to replace a light bulb? It has been estimated that to change 20 sockets of bulbs, approximately 6 hours is saved comparably by using CFLs.

4. Reduce greenhouse gasses. According to the US Energy information commission, by replacing twenty bulbs with CFLs in your home, over the course of a year you’ll eliminate nearly a ton of carbon dioxide emissions.

5. You can save 5% on the purchase of CFLs and/or fluorescent light fixtures. Please use coupon code "thankyou10" on checkout.

Thank you for your attention.


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Our company name is Energy Saving Products (acronym "ESP") located in Orange, California. More specifically we are a manufacturer's representative of US & China made lighting products by a company called Lights of America that specializes in 1) LED lighting; 2) Outdoor Fluorescent Light Fixtures; 3) Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (a.k.a. CFLs), which are often referred to generally as bulbs; 4) Ceiling Fixtures; 5) Desk Lamps; 6) Fluorescent Lamps; 7) Night Lights; 8) Flourex Outdoor Fixtures; 9) Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs; 10) Fluorescent Shop Lights; 11) Fluorescent Under Cabinet; 12) Fluorescent Black Lights; and, 13) Fluorescent Ballasts. Often fluorescent or compact fluorescent bulbs are also called incandescent replacement or halogen replacement or energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. Lights of America products save money for you by reducing energy bills with fluorescent technology. All products manufactured in the United States are clearly marked "Made in USA".

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